Going around in circles

The spiral in our grass (can’t call it a lawn as it’s a bit of a field really) has raised some eyebrows and some laughs on the island but hey, whoever said that mowing has to be done in straight lines?

Growing anything here is a constant battle with nature. Take those sycamore trees, for example. Believe it or not, they were planted by the previous owner during the 1970’s! It has taken them over 40 years to grow to about seven feet tall. Sherkin Island’s sheltered lanes are fringed with wild fuchsia, honeysuckle and monbretia in summer, a riot of colour against the green land and turquoise seas. In spring, autumn and winter, strong salt-laden westerly gales sweep across the island, resulting in a striking near-absence of trees. Even at the height of summer you can expect four seasons in one hour. In time, I hope to introduce you to other islanders, more skilled, green-fingered people who have created magical gardens despite the coastal challenges.