One Lovely Blog Award

This award came out of the blue and has tickled me pink! A big thank you to Claire Shotter for sending this award to me

The rules of acceptance seem to be as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link.

2. Name 7 random things about yourself.

3. Pass the recognition to 15 blogs you enjoy and let them know.

7 random things:

1. I am married to a great man and have two beautiful girls, all of whom are the loves of my life.

2. I have survived (I think) the death of my mother who died on her birthday when I was 13 years of age.

3. I hitch-hiked around Spain for two months one summer.

4. I am on the same wavelength as dogs.

5. I sang on stage at the Albert Hall in London (OK, I’d better be honest here, I was in a choir).

6. I trained to be a ballet dancer.

7. I dislike feet (my own included).

In no particular order,  I am passing this award onto the following wonderful bloggers: