A dog’s eye view

Introducing Nellie, your personal tour guide of Sherkin Island. Nellibellikins (or Smellikins, depending on what she’s been rolling in) would love to share some of her favourite places on the island with you, like Cow Strand, seen here.  Nellie is a darling although sometimes, well…let’s face it, she can be a bit of (ahem)…a bitch. Sherkin island is her idea of heaven. For a start, there are few cars, and as drivers rarely go above second gear, she has unprecedented freedom to explore its leafy lanes. The island has a population of 120 people, many of whom are artists, writers, photographers, bee keepers, fishermen, lobster pot makers and story spinners. Just to give you some idea of where it is, Sherkin is one of Carbery’s One Hundred Isles, all situated in Roaring Water Bay off the south west coast of Ireland. It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty and people who visit say that coming here is almost like stepping off the world for a while. I’ll be back with more about the island and its people and if you don’t mind, Nellie will pop up from time to time on this blog to share her views.