Webs of intrigue

Autumn may be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness but it also heralds the arrival of spiders in-doors. At the first hint of an autumnal chill, in they creep. I remember reading once that an average field contains around two million spiders…or maybe I just made that up – hope so anyway. The one thing that is true is that quite a few of Sherkin’s brazen Hairy Mc Scaries have moved in with me. Who do they think they are, scuttling and tiptoeing around the cottage and hanging out where they are least welcome? And how on earth do they get in? Although I could never harm them, I don’t exactly welcome them with open arms either (more like open screaming mouth, actually). I know it’s pathetic, but they chill my heart. However, their creativity cannot be denied. (Apologies for the poor photography).