The Mad Hatter

Call it a kink or a quirk of nature in me but when it comes to knitting and crocheting, I’m a bit gung ho. As soon as I see something I’d like to make, I dive straight into the yarn stash, with little thought to choosing the correct yarn for the project in-hand. If I don’t have what is required, I simply choose by colour, texture…and how much is there. My friend, the very talented Suibhán on Craftlee, was aghast. ‘What? You can’t do that. It’s like following a recipe without having the right ingredients. It just won’t work!’ (Oops, guilty as charged on that one too). You see, it’s all about having the correct tension.


Bless me sister, for I have sinned. And I  don’t just mean these hats. I made some very cute egg cosies recently. Gorgeous though they were, they wouldn’t fit anything that’s ever come out of a hen’s bottom. What can I say? So back to the hats. Don’t they look very pretty sitting here on the rocks? Shame that they are destined for the cranially challenged. But hey, luckily, I have a smallish head. Now call me a pea-brain, but I do so enjoy the creative process and one day I hope and pray that I will learn from my many weird and wonderful mistakes…