Star of the sea

Bauble 2

This really has nothing to do with the sea but it’s a nice notion all the same. I just wanted to share this paper Christmas bauble with you. I made it using pages from an old book. It didn’t feel right cutting pages from a book but I think the end result excuses the criminal behaviour. It’s a fairly painstaking process but oh, so worth it. This one is my favourite as it has a vintage-like fragility but I love the others too which are made from a magazine and a theatre programme. On a final note, I published this post yesterday and received some ‘Likes’ but the post has vanished into thin air over-night. I’m not sure what has happened but I suspect it was the embedded link to a tutorial on how to make this star bauble. Apologies if this is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day! I’m happy to send the link by email if anyone is interested.