Crazy bird

crazy bird 3 002

This weird little fella isn’t the only crazy bird around here. I am living with the aftermath of the hard drive on my laptop crashing… and taking everything with it. There were plenty of warning signs but did I heed them? Stupid, stupid ,stupid me. Over-heating,  regular white screen, screen freezing; I could go on, but I think you get the picture – then no picture and no sound. I stared at the screen in disbelief. It was a mind-crunching, stomach-numbing moment, and I know that’s the wrong way round but that’s about it. The unthinkable had happened. I turned it off and I turned it back on. Again and again and again. I left it cool down and turned it on again but still those bloody words appeared: ‘No bootable device found.’ So that’s it. We had done a back-up in recent months, but not recently enough to save all of those photos, emails and documents.  I had pictures in mind for blog posts, and like the proverbial fish that got away, those photos were the best I had ever taken.(Well, that’s a load of boloney for a start). Anyway, there are far worse losses to bear. I will now stop my whinging and introduce Fergus above. We found him on a beach and he now lives with us. Doesn’t his shadow seem strangely human?

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