The travelling crochet hook


Up, up and away with my beautiful crochet hook. Where I go, it follows. Isn’t it amazing that I haven’t once been stopped by security at airports? Knitting needles aren’t allowed in hand luggage yet crochet hooks don’t seem to pose any threat. I have gone through Cork Airport, Dublin, Heathrow, Birmingham,  Manchester, Barcelona, Rome and La Rochelle so far with a crochet hook in my handbag and no one has ever noticed – not even the X-ray machines in security. I reckon I could do serious injury on board with a quick thrust of my favourite 4mm crochet hook. But then again, a biro could be equally effective, if I were that way inclined.(I hasten to add that it has never crossed my mind, honestly). Once the plane has taken off, out comes my crochet hook – usually on the homeward-bound journey when I am weary after a long working day and too tired to read. While everyone else is snoozing, boozing or reading, I keep my crochet hook in my hand and my head in the clouds … but not so much as not to notice the funny looks and whispered nods. Some have even laughed out loud. Do I care? Yes, I squirm at times. Will I stop? I think not because for me, crocheting by air is the only way to travel.