A trip to Dublin

Scrumptious wool by This is Knit. Picture by Julie at www.halfadreamaway.com

Scrumptious wool by This is Knit. Picture by Julie at http://www.halfadreamaway.com

I was fortunate to have two whole hours to myself in Dublin recently so I made a conscious decision to avoid High Street shops and follow my heart instead. So what, I hear you say? What I should have said is ‘two whole hours in Dublin WITHOUT MY TWO TEENAGE DAUGHTERS’. Bliss. No Hollister, Jack Wills, nasty fast food, Pennys (that’s Primark to some of you). I veered off Grafton Street and made a bee-line for Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, an elegant shopping experience in a neon world, and one of my favourite shopping places in Dublin. (Apart, of course, from the Avoca Shop on Suffolk Street where I had lost myself for another two hours – prior to my two hours wandering around Powerscourt – having a delicious lunch with friends before drooling over (metaphorically speaking) the vintage china teacups that were for sale at exorbitant prices and the jars of buttons and bows and felted skeins). Phew, that was a very long sentence with lots of ands… and did I tell you about the knitwear and gorgeous coats and the food hall in the basement? Anyway, that was ever before I floated onwards to Powerscourt where I found the lovely ‘This is Knit’ wool shop. It was love at first sight. I had wandered into Powerscourt, remembering from a previous visit, the antique print shops and lovely, lofty malls and then this apparition appeared. I held back on the buying front but the ladies who run it were very welcoming and let me take some pictures. Later, upon my couch I lie, in vacant or in pensive mood, and thought about the lost purchasing opportunities. How could I have been so tight? Anyway, the fact of the matter is that I am making a blanket out of granny squares with the frugal intention of using up all of my old odds and sods yarn ends. However, I did purchase two balls of cotton and then floated on out to visit a flower shop, a vintage clothing shop, George St Arcade (in-door market) and last but not least, a fabric shop where I bought a roll-end metre of a turquoise pure wool and satin ribboned fabric for ten euro, which the shop assistant assured me is a genuine Chanel fabric. Oh, you seem to be turning a little green?  The afternoon ended in Café en Seine on Dawson St where my lunch-time friends and I rendezvoused for a Prosecco before going back to our hotel and much, much later to sleep and to dream of moss green skeins and out of the blue roundels of heathers and slates.


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