Thursday Lingering Look At Windows


This is the view through a glass panel in our front door. Strictly speaking, it’s not a window, but as it’s the only one at the kitchen/dining end of the cottage, I’m claiming it as one. You see, the cottage had a make-over in the 1970’s, leaving this retro door (with window) and otherwise, a rather ugly, over-sized window at the fireside end. As that end is slightly below ground level, we don’t see much from there. It is a home-made ‘double-glazed’ specimen, involving sandwiching two piece of 4mm glass one inch apart in a teak frame. The wind whistles through it and years of grime have built up on the inside of the glass.

What a delightful picture I am painting. Let’s just say that window has to go.

But back to the door window…when sitting down at the table, we can’t see the view so in summer we just leave the door open most days. Otherwise, I stand up a lot, particularly when having a coffee so that I can drink in the view. It doesn’t always look this nice so I am glad to have caught it when it was looking its best.

With thanks to The Day After for this challenge.