The nature of creativity


There is something about Sherkin Island and West Cork that attracts creative types.Is it something in the air? Or is there something else at play? We may find out soon as a survey has taken place….and you can read all about it here!  Although I am not on Sherkin Island nearly as often as I would like, when I am there, I get a sense of peace and calm that lends itself to creativity. When I’m not there, this blóg (rhymes with brogue) keeps me tuned into Sherkin and what it means to me.  Nature has a wonderful way of calming the soul and encouraging creativity. Or perhaps it’s just about being still for a while. It doesn’t really matter where we are, does it? In Andelieya’s post she writes a beautiful review of a book called The Lunar Tao, which explores our connection with nature. It sounds fascinating and is definitely on my reading list for the future. There are so many fantastic and much loved bloggers who take their inspiration from nature like AndelieyaSethsnap, Gunta,  Stephen, Poppytump, SoonieEhksteam, Chillbrook Sharon, Mary, Seedbud and countless others whose work is breathtaking. Whatever it is that moves and inspires us, long may it last.