Shoot it, Sketch it, Collaboration No.2


Rustic fence, Hereford © Poppytump 2013

It seems that I was not the only blogger inspired by Poppytump’s wonderful images! Anna Cull’s painting of the harbour wall at Newlyn is ‘a hard act to follow’, and the same can be said of Poppytump’s photos, which are works of art in their own right. When I saw this lovely image of an old rustic fence at the Cathedral Close in Hereford, I asked Poppytump’s permission to try doing a pastel of it. She very kindly agreed, so here is my first proper Shoot it, Sketch it. Just to give you a laugh, while I was working on this at my evening art class, an elderly lady in the class came up to me and told me that she thought it was quite good…as long as I never showed anyone the original alongside of it. Too late now! (lol)

Pastel of fencePastel © wildsherkin 2013

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