Out of the blue

Out of the blue

Sherkin Island turned into a Greek Isle over the weekend. It’s true. Temperatures soared, the sea sparkled, happy tourists walked its lanes and just about everyone got sun burned, including us ( despite factor 50 sun cream). It was too hot to do the garden and too hot to go for a walk but just right to sit on the beach and watch the sea turn shades of turquoise, azure and jade. The tavernas pubs were teeming with people eating and drinking out of doors and the little ferry (the big summer one is under repair) had to make umpteen journeys over and back to Baltimore. The strangest thing of all is that there wasn’t a puff of wind to be seen or felt. The grass in our garden is frazzled, the seeds I planted last weekend are long gone and my shoulders and chest are far too red for my liking but this weather can only be described as a blessing. We needed this sunshine in Ireland for many reasons, and even if it only lasts a short while, it warms the heart and gives us a glimmer of hope that there may be sunnier times ahead.

P.S. This one needs a P.S. as just 24 hours later, it’s now like February again with wind and rain. Ah well…