Travel theme: Sculpture

Expectant. Wire sculpture. © wildsherkin

I made this a few years ago and she still sits expectantly on a small side-table in our house. Having never secured her properly to her base, she has endured the odd topple here and there so the wires have bent out of shape in places and it’s only now that I have taken time to look at her properly to photograph her that I realise that she needs some care and attention. Her left breast, for example, was always a little jaunty but it now seems to have taken on a life of its own! Ditto that bun! I’m not sure how well this sculpture translates to photography as it’s definitely one you need to see ‘in the round’ as the lines of wires don’t ‘read’ properly in 2D. Anyway, flaws and all, she touches me in some way.

With thanks to Ailsa for sharing some wonderful sculptures from her travels.