Monthly Archive: July, 2013


On Sunday morning we left Cork city in a ‘deluge’ to make a day-trip to Sherkin Island for a ‘Bring & Buy’ fundraising sale in Nuala Mahon’s garden. The combination of heavy over-night downpours and high tides had… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Masterpiece

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.” ― John Ruskin

A load of bull

Once upon a sunny Sherkin day I decided to take the children up to see the lighthouse at the other end of the island. It must have been about four years ago so… Continue reading

Another note

Travel theme: Tilted

She came, she saw, she claimed, she snapped and then hauled it all the way home… only to realise that the photo she had taken was on the skew. Hurray for Ailsa and this week’s ‘Tilted’ travel theme! For… Continue reading

Cuckoo Spit

According the Royal Horticultural Society, cuckoo spit is the white frothy liquid secreted by the immature nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a froghopper or spittlebug. I bet you all knew that already… Continue reading

Sea fog

After endless days of blue skies and sunshine we woke yesterday morning to a murky world! A heavy sea fog had descended yet it was still very warm and muggy. An islander assured… Continue reading

Monday blues…

…and pinks. I’m back on the mainland and back to reality! Arrived yesterday evening via the Mystic Waters ferry into the bustling and very colourful fishing village of Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland, where the… Continue reading

An island wedding

The heavens smiled down on the happy couple today. The exquisite bride wore an ivory, off-one-shoulder sheath dress. She chose to walk with her father along the lane up to the church. Tucked… Continue reading

Lingering longer

I am spending a few days on my own here on Sherkin Island – a rare treat for me. I hope you don’t mind the recent flurry of posts but by Monday I… Continue reading