Shifting sands

Wreck  14th Feb_MG_0245

Picture credit: Terry Farnell

Sherkin Island has taken a battering from storms (Darwin and Christine) this winter, wreaking havoc on the island’s ferry timetable, events schedules and islanders’ lives, as well as damaging infrastructure and property. If every cloud has a silver lining, one bonus of recent tempests is the wreck that has surfaced on Cow Strand. Shifting sands have revealed its skeletal frame; the timbers, like ancient fingers reaching upwards, finally exposed and awaiting investigation by marine archaeologists. We never really know ‘what lies beneath’  beneath, and it is fascinating to think that while countless pairs of bare feet stroked the tide line, this piece of the island’s maritime history lay waiting to be discovered. Sherkin Island photographer, Terry Farnell, has captured the beauty of this wreck, and I am very grateful to him for the use of his lovely images for this post. Do check out his website to see some wonderful images of the island.

Wreck  14th Feb_MG_0247

Picture credit: Terry Farnell

Back on the home front, the storms have also taken their toll on our cottage. Three lost roof slates resulted in a leak into the bedroom. There was some ponding in the living area, as we are below ground level at that end of the cottage. (A lost drainpipe hasn’t helped that situation either). Our small boat, which acts as a winter storage shed, was blown off its chocks and the tarpaulin covering it ripped off. We found several contents of our maritime garden shed strewn across adjacent lands, and had fun retrieving what was left of our heavy picnic table and benches from half-way down the field in front. Two white plastic garden chairs may well be bobbing along mid-Atlantic by now – and good riddance to them is all I can say! (With apologies to the environment (and possibly Canada) for inflicting two ugly white blots on the landscape or seascape). We count ourselves very lucky to have come through the storms relatively lightly as our close neighbours whose house is located at the water’s edge had a very scary time by all accounts.

I will keep you up-dated once I know more about the wreck on Cow Strand.