Knitty gritty

Cardie close up

Yes, it’s time for some woolly nonsense again. I had a certain little person in mind when starting out on this cardigan and although it arrived several weeks after her second birthday, she was very gracious and forgiving.


The pattern was Sirdar 1402 and the recommended yarn was Snuggly DK but I chose Woodlander DK from a Yorkshire-based supplier, James C. Brett, because of its lovely tones and shades.

wool label

It is 80 per cent acrylic and 20 per cent wool so it can be washed at 30 degrees. I added the purse/bag as we all know how little girls love their handbags… and what else would a girl keep in her purse but her favourite teddy!



Ava’s mum has kindly sent me this picture, with permission to post it. I think you will agree that little Ava is adorable.

A special note to a particular blogger who resides in a small apartment: just so you know, I am working on a pastel painting … 🙂