Weekly photo challenge: spring


Spring has arrived and it’s time to get our little house in order for the season. There are floors to be swept, windows to be cleaned, bed linen to be aired and cobwebs to be gently coaxed from nooks and crannies. Dandelions are taking over the garden, while inside is long overdue its annual coat of white emulsion paint.

Dandelion 2

Although I made a start over Easter, on-going ill health is holding me back from tackling a proper spring clean. It’s nothing very serious but has been enough to knock the stuffing out of me and has prevented me from spending much time on the island so far this year. So while spring is making her presence felt, breathing new life into all around me, all I can do for now is count one-a-clock, two-a-clock …and plan and day-dream about more energetic days ahead spent gallivanting, taking photos and creating. Oh, and there’ll be scrubbing galore too… but all in good time.

Wild onion


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