Mystic Waters


Baltimore mystic waters

I arrived in Baltimore last Thursday evening for a rare, over-night trip to Sherkin Island to find that a sea fog had wrapped Baltimore Harbour in a mysterious, soft glow. The sun was doing its best to shine through so it was warm and still, but for the tinkle of small boats and, to my surprise, glasses from the nearby waterfront bars. I hadn’t expected to find so many people there as it is now off-season, as you can tell from the many empty moorings in my picture. But Baltimore was buzzing because it was the eve of Cape Clear Island’s 20th International Storytelling Festival. With an hour to spare before the last ferry, I found myself sipping a little drinkie and whiling the time away people watching while waiting for the aptly named Mystic Waters ferry to take me far from the madding crowd. So there you have it. (No story-telling prizes for me).

Mystic Waters ferry


(Pictures edited with ‘Transfer’ effect).