Making ripples on the seashore

Making ripples on the seashore

I have been making waves on Sherkin Island this weekend – thanks to the lovely Lucy at Attic24 and her pattern for a Cottage Ripple Blanket.  This crochet project has sustained me through the winter months, and although only one third the way through, it came with me this weekend for a little coastal airing. Spring has arrived on the island, with gorse bushes in full bloom, creating a stunning show of vivid yellow against blue seas and sky. I spent most of my time admiring the scenery and taking pictures. However, I did grab a few moments on my favourite bench to sit in the sunshine and crochet for a while.



Blanket benchIt only seemed right to pose the blanket exactly how Lucy did in her post!

(I’m not sure why this image is appearing blurred as the original is in focus).

So the little house is dry and clean, ready for a new season. The grass has had its first cut and my spirits feel lifted. Leaving the island is never easy but I think you will agree that the sight of Baltimore makes that particular parting far sweeter.


Baltimore harbour