Weekly photo challenge: close up

wildsherkin clover

The Wild Plants of Sherkin, Cape Clear and adjacent islands of West Cork, published in 1996 by Sherkin Island Marine Station, recorded a total of 592 flowering plants, conifers, ferns and stoneworts.  Most of these plants, native and introduced, have been recorded since 1975 by botanists working at the Marine Station. A subsequent supplement has since been published, recording a further 35 new plants.

It’s easy to see why Sherkin Island and the other islands in Roaringwater Bay are now considered to be the botanically richest ten kilometre square in Ireland. At this time of the year, the hedgerows are teeming with wildlife, attracted by many species of native wild plants.  This is why we often suggest to visitors that they walk to our house. We’re not being mean (really); it’s just that we want people to experience the sights, scents and sounds of the island.

RoadA sudden waft of honeysuckle or the scent of an old fashioned, rambling rose is all that is needed at times to gladden the heart. Around every corner lies an unexpected view, like a field of gold or a dazzling splash of orange.

Field of goldBog LilyGorse As you walk that road to our house, you might hear the distant cry of a curlew or the gentle munching of grass behind a hedgerow. 

CowsThere will be an occasional pause as you step into the ditch/hedgerow to avoid a passing car banger/jalopy/crock (or the Sherkin Bus), but, with a friendly wave and a smile, before you know it that temporary punctuation in your journey will have disappeared into the distance.  There will be signs for open art studios, exhibitions, bike hire, food and beaches, but also signs that nature is thriving and at her best. So on you go through The Lane and beyond

The LaneTake your time and breathe in the island with every step. It’s what I try to do whenever I get a chance to be there. I am now counting the days down to Friday when our two-week summer holiday on Sherkin Island begins. If this ‘summer’ is anything to go by so far, I will be splashing in pothole puddles in my wellies along those lanes. How bad!

What started as a close up of a clover has meandered a little but I hope that you have enjoyed walking with me.


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