Paintbrush meet lens


Paintbrush Meets Lens: Jo Ashby and Robbie Murphy will open their joint exhibition on Sherkin Island on Saturday 28th July at 2:30pm.

Robbie Murphy, a Sherkin Island photographer and oyster farmer, and Jo Ashby, artist, are holding a joint exhibition in the Community Hall on Sherkin Island from 28th July – 10th August 2018.

The exhibition, ‘Paintbrush Meets Lens’ will explore the beauty of Sherkin Island through Robbie Murphy’s camera lens and through the paintings and drawings of island artist, Jo Ashby.

Jo’s work is all about observing and sketching the ever-changing land and seascapes, which she then interprets in her paintings.

Robbie Murphy brings his deep knowledge and love of the island and nature together to capture stunning images.

Robbie makes his living farming oysters but his camera is always to hand to capture a familiar landscape that is constantly changing due to the weather and the seasons.

His goal is to record what he sees in nature rather than try to enhance an image artificially.

The power of observation is also key to Jo Ashby’s work. Repeated observations of the changing light and the effect it has on the land and the sea informs her paintings which often offer a different interpretation of the familiar, rendering it in a new light.

The commonality and divergence for both centres on their shared approach to composition, their love of  Sherkin Island and their use of different media to capture the outstanding natural beauty of the island.

The exhibition opening party is at 2:30pm on Saturday 28th July, to which everyone is invited. For information on ferry times see: