Heading West at Cork Airport

Sherkin Seascape

Original acrylic painting by Jo Ashby


The ebb and flow of arrivals and departures at Cork Airport are echoing the beautiful seascapes by Sherkin Island artist, Jo Ashby.

Her solo exhibition, ‘Heading West’ is currently showing at Cork Airport and runs until 28th June.

Jo Ashby’s work is rooted in observation and drawing, capturing the patterns and rhythms of nature; in particular, the changing sea and landscapes of Sherkin island in Roaring Water Bay, West Cork.

She works in series, investigating and exploring a particular aspect of the landscape or sea, such as patterns on the water surface, how the wind and weather impact on sea, trees and landscape, or the effect of light playing on water.

Jo first came to Sherkin Island over twenty five years ago, where she has a home and studio. She has consistently drawn her inspiration from the coast, having spent much time in her early years with her artist parents in Cornwall and Devon.

Her work is all about her relationship with the land and sea;  getting to know it in all its guises from repeated small sketches and allowing her memory to crystallize her thoughts.

Jo opens her studio on Sherkin Island at weekends throughout the summer. It’s right opposite the Community Hall and a just a 15 minute stroll from the pier.

Jo Ashby

Walking East on Sherkin Island, an original acrylic painting by Jo Ashby