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Hello beautiful

Below you will find ‘The Lost Heifer’ by Austin Clarke.  This lovely poem came to mind as I was taking this picture, although this is no lost heifer – just a beautiful blond bullock having a great… Continue reading


Bluebells, Sherkin Island, May 2012

Mad about the buoy

Here’s a story about finding lots of washed up buoys on Trá Bán (Irish for ‘White Strand’) over the years, tying them all to an ailing tree one sunny summer’s day to give… Continue reading

Knock, knock

Who’s there? God only knows.. but don’t you think this door knocker is far too posh for the little island door? Having Googled this gracious piece of door furniture, I have discovered that… Continue reading

Ominous thoughts…

This is a milestone blog  (my tenth) but it comes with some doubt and misgivings. Since I started this blog my ability to create has diminished through fear, self-consciousness and worry. It’s as… Continue reading

A day like this

The beauty of nature, unspoilt and alive and well on Sherkin Island earlier today.

Going around in circles (3)

Okay, this is beginning to sound like a scratched record. The circle theme is definitely coming to an end now, I promise! I just want to say that there’s something very therapeutic about crocheting in… Continue reading

Going around in circles (2)

“Nothing is so beautiful as spring, when weeds in wheels shoot long and lovely and lush.” Gerald Manley Hopkins

Going around in circles

The spiral in our grass (can’t call it a lawn as it’s a bit of a field really) has raised some eyebrows and some laughs on the island but hey, whoever said that mowing… Continue reading

Into the west

Looking west from the top of the garden, you can see Cape Clear Island in the background to the left and to the right lies Mizen Head, Ireland’s most southwesterly point. Beyond lies the… Continue reading