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Happy Sticks

Travel theme: Tiny

The first of many wonderful exhibits in the recent Creative Diversity Exhibition on Sherkin Island shows Sue’s miniature jumper installation! You will find more on Sherkin Island Knitwear here and for more interpretations of tiny… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Wall

  There are times of the year when our cottage walls take on a whole new life of their own. The image above was taken in June last year but in honour of… Continue reading

Frivolous Friday


Tying the knot

There are times when the most ordinary things take on a beauty of their own and their story has to be told… P.S. I can hardly blame you if you are thinking: A:… Continue reading

The man from Bologna

I picked up a man on the beach the other day. Yes, it’s true. I had strolled down to Trá Crua with our dog, Nellie, and there he was. It’s quite unusual to… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Hidden

With thanks to Ailsa for this week’s Weekly Travel Theme. This lovely hidden den is tucked away off one of Sherkin Island’s lanes. I should end this post here but just thought I’d… Continue reading

A load of bull

Once upon a sunny Sherkin day I decided to take the children up to see the lighthouse at the other end of the island. It must have been about four years ago so… Continue reading

Irish Cobra Convention

. Irish Cobra Convention, Sherkin Island, May Bank Holiday Weekend, 2013

Bunny goes bathing

This bunny rabbit is not attempting a trans-Atlantic crossing. Nor is he taking a constitutional bathe in the icy waters of  Roaring Water Bay. This is because he is not a bunny at all – just a… Continue reading