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Wild summer

The Meadow

Our Sherkin Island garden has once again turned into a wild flower meadow. Much to our delight, we discovered two wild orchids – a gift from nature. Isn’t it lovely when a plant appears from… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

  A very unseasonal pop of yellow from Sherkin Island. Just a quick little note to go with this week’s yellow photo challenge to update you on the island funding situation. I believe that the… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Pink

Ailsa’s travel theme is pink this week so I have delved into the archives to share this picture with you. One day, if I ever get around to it, I’d like to try… Continue reading


Weeping She will be gone in a heartbeat. Silk has turned to crêpe, and all the day long her weary head is bowed, as dry-eyed tears fill her lonely wait. Her only company… Continue reading

Cuckoo Spit

According the Royal Horticultural Society, cuckoo spit is the white frothy liquid secreted by the immature nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a froghopper or spittlebug. I bet you all knew that already… Continue reading

Wild Orchid

When I posted a photo of a wild flower meadow recently, I mentioned in the comments that I had seen some lovely wild orchids too. Anna from anna warren portfolio said she would… Continue reading


The tiny flower bed in our garden is finally looking good. You just wouldn’t believe the struggle it has been. Stick the spade in and you strike between a rock and a hard… Continue reading

Golden times

This one is a bit on the dark side as I took it later in the day but I quite like the yellow and blue delicacy of the wildflowers contrasting against the stark… Continue reading

In a bluebell wood

Last Sunday we went to Courtmacsherry Woods to see the bluebells. Courtmacsherry is a lovely little seaside village in West Cork. I had set heart on seeing a bluebell wood and knew the timing should be just about right. What is particularly… Continue reading