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Wild summer

Silent Sunday

The Meadow

Our Sherkin Island garden has once again turned into a wild flower meadow. Much to our delight, we discovered two wild orchids – a gift from nature. Isn’t it lovely when a plant appears from… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  The gentle rhythm of island life has been punctuated by trips back to Cork – and back to reality – but the days ahead will hopefully bring some quiet time. I have… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Blossom

  Tiny quivers poised to spread life near and afar – a flight against time. It’s not exactly blossom…but this humble weed does have a certain beauty of its own.

Daisy Day

  Spring sprinkles magic –   dusting of daisies

Blackberry picking

This post is a tribute to the late Seamus Heaney, the Irish poet, playwright, translator, lecturer and recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature, who died this morning after a short illness.… Continue reading

Cuckoo Spit

According the Royal Horticultural Society, cuckoo spit is the white frothy liquid secreted by the immature nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a froghopper or spittlebug. I bet you all knew that already… Continue reading

Wild Orchid

When I posted a photo of a wild flower meadow recently, I mentioned in the comments that I had seen some lovely wild orchids too. Anna from anna warren portfolio said she would… Continue reading